Monday, August 22, 2011

In an effort to declutter my house I am selling all of my stuff. I'm not really selling everything... just items that don't get used. I plan on using my earnings in 2 ways.
1. Fund Kendall's 1st Birthday Party
2. Put the rest towards paying down my credit cards

I love the idea of making money outside of our 9-5 income.

Because I love sharing my knowledge (remember coupon info blogs????) I will share the ways I'm making money by selling my things.

I used to buy/sell my textbooks every semester while I was in college using Amazon. Since I no longer have college textbooks laying around I have not made a huge amount with this avenue. However, by selling some dvds and books that were collecting some dust I have made over $50 so far.

I used to sell MK and I have a lot of old packaging inventory. I have made over $250 this past weekend selling some of these items. I'm going to try listing lots of things on Ebay!!1

Yep I'm going to try to sell some things to you. I have some new shoes and gently used (or new with tags) clothing listed under the "SHOP MY CLOSET" tab at the top of this blog. All the info is listed there.
You can also access it using this link. I will update this page with new items so check back!

Questions? Comments?

Would you be interested in learning how to sell your things online???

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