Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Time Coming & Our Weekend

I’ve never talked about this on my blog before for privacy purposes. I didn’t want complete strangers to know when I’m home alone with Kendall and my husband is at work. Since we were married, Chris and I have worked opposite schedules.

I’ve always been on first shift and he worked third shift and went to school. Since March he has worked second shift. I would always get so spooked being home alone at night and became even more nervous being home alone with a baby. However, his work schedule was ideal for him to complete his degree.

Well I am happy to announce, as of this last Friday night Chris no longer works second shift or a second job for that matter. Starting tonight (Monday) we will be a normal 9-5 family.

We will be able to have dinner together, enjoy our evenings with Kendall and go to bed at the same time. :)




Friday night Kendall and I met up with Tara and Caleb to go shopping for a bridal shower we were throwing on Sunday.


**** Before I forget… I need to update you on my grandparents. Thursday night they took my Grandpa to the hospital because he wasn’t doing well. My grandma was scheduled to have an angioplasty that Friday. Grandpa was admitted and given fluids and was doing better by Friday morning and my Grandma felt confident in his care to go ahead with her procedure. She did great and came home from the hospital Saturday. My Grandpa comes home today.

This picture is from Saturday. They were both at the same hospital but at opposite ends. I wish they could’ve been in the same room or gone to visit one another. Instead, my brother and sister brought their laptops so they could Skype. So cute!!!


Saturday was Emmakate’s 1st Birthday – it was Princess themed!




And because we are redneck we took a picture of Kendall and Daddy on his 4wheeler! Her hair was a mess!


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  1. I love that your grandparents were Skyping! Haha that is too sweet!