Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday started with a goodbye :( I get sad everytime I leave my baby girl.
She didn't seem upset about my departure because my parents and sister took her to the zoo!

While Kendall was admiring animals... I was at a bridal shower!

Wedding Party photo...Bride is in the center

Adorable favor idea
Sunday began with a special delivery of EXTRA coupons from my nice neighbors
The usual Target outing for diapers... and I always manage to pick something special up for Kendall

 We had lunch in the back of the car while we were out and I let her climb out of her seat. She thought it was so funny standing in her carseat. She will love being forward facing when the time comes.
 Fighting sleep...
 This is better... I love that she still likes sleeping like this!
Ballpark to watch daddy and Uncle David play softball

We didn't last long in the heat so we only got to see them warming up.

Marks Feed Store... yummy!

This didn't happen over the weekend but only a few hours ago. Have you tried the new Nutter Butter blizzard from DQ... yummy!!! I wish I'd got a bigger size!

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