Monday, September 26, 2011

11 Months Old!


It’s hard for me to believe that in one month you will be one years old!!! I call you my “baby” but you act otherwise!!!! You are growing into a fun and loving toddler each and every passing minute. You are so busy and have so much to explore! I love watching you watch the world!

September 2011 028        

  • You are taking steps! A few at a time but you will be walking like a pro in no time!
  • I think we’ve conquered “stranger anxiety” You warm up to others a lot easier these daysSeptember 2011 029
  • Your vocabulary is expanding but you don’t say your words when prompted
  • You say da-da, bye, hi, go-go and an occasional ma-ma
  • You LOVE the Hot Dog song and sing a long with it when we sing it to youSeptember 2011 032
  • You have been taking two naps a day and I LOVE it
  • You don’t like to sit in your baths and don’t like getting your hair washed because I have to pour water over your head
  • You’re not much of an eater
  • You no longer eat baby foods and hate being fed by a spoon
  • You LOVE feeding yourself…. turkey, goldfish, cheese etc…September 2011 033
  • I let you try EVERYTHING… except eggs we will wait until you’re 1 :)
  • You weigh around 20 pounds… atleast that what they said a few weeks ago when we were at the doctor. So you’ve hardly gained anything since 9 months!
  • You’re wearing some 12 month clothing but mostly 18 months
  • Size 4 diaper
  • Size 4 shoe (chunky & long feet) but I’m buying size 5 Ha!!!
  • You love watching videos on my IphoneSeptember 2011 035
  • You get so happy when we walk through the front door and Wilson starts barking
  • We almost spent a night apart last week but I couldn’t do it!
  • You still drink milk 4 times a day!September 2011 036
  • You wave buy with only your RIGHT hand and are starting to blow kisses
  • You had your first ear infection this month :(September 2011 038
  • You still try to get into Wilson’s food and try to give him your food
  • You LOVE sharing
  • When I sing out loud you sing with me – its so sweet!September 2011 040
  • We have started limiting your TV (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) time because you are crazy addicted to it
  • You love being HOME but love going out and exploring the worldSeptember 2011 049

(off subject… but are we the only parents that entice their kid to walk using an ipad?)

This month has been such a treat!! I feel like we have actual conversations all the time. I love every minute we spend together and I can’t think of any other job that’s as fun as being your mom. Your daddy and I love you very much and can’t wait to watch you grow this month!!!

Love Mommy

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