Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer

It’s a little bittersweet to me that summer is ending. I’m more than happy to welcome cooler weather and fall clothes but a little sad that summer has come and gone so quickly.
This has been Kendall’s first summer and she has lived it up! It’s been a summer of firsts that has included first plane ride, first trip to the beach and lots and lots of swimming.
She started the summer as a little baby who could only sit up and now she’s ending it as a baby (almost toddler) who is sooooo close to walking.
I’m hoping the cooler weather like we’re experiencing today sticks around because we want to go outside!!!!! Kendall has spent a lot of her summer indoors because we have had record breaking heat!
I wanted to share some cute pictures I took in the last week or so of her playing inside.
During the day we move the baby gate to guard Wilson’s food bowls because Kendall likes to eat his food. Gross!
You can hardly tell but she has a giant grin in this picture because she knows she’s up to something she’s not supposed to be doing!
August 2011 002 August 2011 003 August 2011 004 Tippy toes…
August 2011 005
This outfit is a little too big but I wanted her to wear atleast one time before it gets too cold for it! I will be sad to put away gently used summer clothes!!! But very happy to buy cute fall ones! August 2011 006 She simply will not smile for the camera so I have to be quick! I love this face here!August 2011 007 I want to always remember how she sits on her knees. She will crawl and crawl and take a break in this position.August 2011 008 August 2011 009 Refusing to give me a big grin!!August 2011 011 And every morning she is soooo happy! I just love her in the mornings ( and every other part of the day) because she is so talkative. It’s like she’s telling me all about her dreams.
August 2011 012
Although summer is ending, Kendall has many fall firsts we can look forward to!


  1. Get that girl some boots and tights!! We should get some great standing if not walking pictures at her 1 year!
    Ahem...the boots would be super cute too!

  2. I'm disappointed summer is coming to a close also! Can't believe how much Kendall has grown. Time flies by way too fast!