Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall 2011 TV Review (so far!) Part ONE

Ok... I know premiere week is far from over and I still have lots of shows waiting to be viewed in my dvr BUT.... I must talk about what I've seen so far!!!

***** If you haven't watched any of these shows yet - skip this post!*****

Also if you want to see my 2011 tv schedule go here.

I wasn't going to watch this show at first but decided to tune in last week because nothing else was on that night. I had high hopes for Christina Applegate and the cast was very likeable. However I'm just not feeling it. I didn 't really find the humor that realistic... it all felt like they were trying too hard. I don't know if the show has a baseline plot to keep it going once the baby starts sleeping through the night. I mean I get that they used to party with her Oprah-like boss but it kind of lacked more substance. I will watch the second and third episode to see if it catches on.

I had loosely heard about this show and saw that the first episode was on my ON Demand. The male character is depressed, just went through a divorce and the female character lost her fiance last year and has pictures of him all over her apartment. Naturally, they are sleeping together and working through their issues. I kind of liked this show. I think the plot is typical but I enjoyed it. I will watch again.

I watched a stand up special on Whitney one time and ever since then I've been a big fan. Girl is hilarious... especially when talking about women/relationships/men/sex etc. This is another show that hasn't premiered yet but I found the pilot on my On Demand. So funny! I think this show is a keeper!!!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER ***Potential spoiler if you haven't watched yet!***
I love this show! I kind of thought the whole "Robyn still having feelings for Barney story" is ridiculous. I soooooo don't want them together. I love that Marshall and Lily are preggers and I'm so excited about Victoria being at the architecture ball. I've always wanted her to come back. I have always thought she was the "mother" but I know they wouldn't bring her on so soon. I think the show will run atleast one more season after this one so we know we will find out at some point!

I decided to record this Monday night for the heck of it! It was cheesy, but cute. I like the concept but I see this one getting cancelled. The one liners are funny but kind of predictable. I will keep watching it anyway. :)

I have a bad feeling about Glee. I loved the first season and I loved the newness/freshness it brought to my tv lineup. I'm a former musical theater major, ya'll so you know I love me a good random showtune in the cafeteria.... BUT it's kind of old. I don't see many options of this show keeping up... they can't follow the GLEE kids to college (like Dawson's creek) and a new Glee cast wouldn't go over well. I mean we all know what happened to Saved by The Bell when they came out with "the New Class".... wtf?

I love Zoey! I think this show will be cute! I spent the whole time watching the show wondering which of the roomates she would be in a relationship with!!! Ha!

I love this show. I don't think the 2 premiere episodes were the best of modern family. They've had funnier epsiodes for sure! But I love all the characters and storylines and I know this season will be great!!

What are your thoughts on any of these shows??

I will do another post sometime next week... I still have lots of shows to watch that haven't premiered yet!!!

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  1. I'll give my 2 cents.
    I'm still out on Up All Night. I feel the same, forced comedy but I think it has potentional. We will see.
    Saw maybe half of Free Agents and wasn't impressed. I like the female lead but I wasn't feeling the show.
    Didn't see Whitney and 2 Broke Girls is ehhh with possible potential.
    Umm HIMYM was funny! Love that show but frankly I'm sick of Ted's constant romantic, serial dating, searching for wifey. It's getting a bit desperate and he always LOVESS every woman he dates. Maybe I can't relate b/c I feel in love right away. Anywho, I COMPLETELY agree with the Barney/Robin relationship. I saw that coming in the finale and didn't like it. I can't see Barney getting married! Let him be single! Can't wait to see the baby of Lily and Marshall!!
    Never got into Glee. I like when they sing but have never been able to stand the shows storylines. And I like musicals.
    I also felt Modern Family was a bit dry. There were some funny moments but I love that show so my expectations are probably high.
    And b/c it's Friday...Greys annoyed me tremendously! It must be the preganancy hormones talking or the fact that I'm carrying Carl's son b/c I would never openly diss that show!