Thursday, September 1, 2011

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

NO! I’m not referring to Christmas people! Or back to school or even the wonderfulness of FALL!
I’m talking about September TV Premieres!!!!!! Old shows returning and new show pilots… doesn’t that just make you giddy????
I’m crazy obsessed with my DVR and TV. In fact, what I’m about to share with you may make you think the following…
1. This girl is crazy and has no life and sits on her butt and watches TV all day
2. This girl too much free time and is way too organized when it comes to her DVR schedule
Let me explain myself… I rarely watch these shows when they actually come on. I watch some after Kendall has gone to sleep, on weekends when I’m bored and when I’m folding laundry or something.
Here are the shows currently listed under my “SERIES RECORDINGS” aka “shows that record automatically every time there is a new episode for you people who don’t dvr.
Glee, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, 19 Kids & Counting, Grey’s Anatomy, The Middle, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, Sister Wives, Real Housewives of OC, Cupcake Wars, True Blood, Take the Money & Run, Friends with Benefits
That’s 16 if you counted them all. Not all of these shows are in season at the same time. For example, quite a few of them like True Blood come on during the summer.
This is not even including Teen Mom & Jersey Shore. Yes I watch those too. Go ahead and act like you don’t watch those train wrecks. I act like I don’t watch them too by not having them “scheduled to record” but I don’t miss an episode.
So now let’s get to my crazy, obsessive tv scheduling, shall we???
Here’s my new fall lineup which includes my regular shows and new pilots I’d like to check out. These are only the BIG primetime stations because I couldn’t find a full lineup. Seriously though… if we were including ALL the stations I hit up I’d need to import an excel spreadsheet. Ha!
Shelli’s 2011 Fall Primetime TV Lineup
8 PM
How I Met Your Mother –CBS
Gossip Girl – CW
9 PM
Hart of Dixie - CW ***New Show***
8 PM
Glee - Fox
9 PM
New Girl  - Fox ***New Show***
8 PM
The Middle – ABC
830 PM
Surburgatory –ABC ***New Show***
9 PM
Modern Family – ABC
9 PM
Grey’s Anatomy – ABC
The Office – NBC
930 PM
Whitney – NBC ***New Show***
Pan Am – ABC ***New Show***
(If you’re interested in reading my same post about this last year… go here – p.s. I’m so sad Better with You was cancelled – I thought that show was adorbs!)
Feel free to blog about your crazy, obsessive TV watching and leave me your link. I’d love to see your lineup!!! Maybe I should make this a bloggy link up thing if I’m not the only one??
But I am probably the only one who makes a tv schedule. Ha! I’m nuts!

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  1. oh girl - we're going to be besties this fall!! LOL Love it - so many of the same faves. :)