Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little bit of craftiness…

I was visiting with my Grandma the other day and was telling her that I wanted to buy Kendall a pillowcase dress off etsy. She encouraged me to try and more one myself because they are very simple to make.

So I borrowed some material and found a tutorial online that I very loosely followed… meaning I hardly measured and just kind of winged it. I don’t follow directions well.

And this is what happened…

August 2011 020

August 2011 013

August 2011 014

August 2011 015

Not bad for a first timer, eh? I mean clearly I have sewn before but never made anything even remotely wearable.

I wish I’d made it a little wider and not as long and I might measure with my next pillowcase dress for Kendall. :)


*** Oh and the reason the hearts material was chosen for the dress is very cute! You see my Grandma made me a “heart” blanket back in my little Shelli days. This blanket followed me to movies on the couch and sleepovers. I’ve still kept it after all those years.

It’s faded quite a bit but you can still make out the hearts! :)

August 2011 022 August 2011 023

I just had to make something for Kendall with the remaining heart material when I saw it in my Grandma’s material stash!

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  1. Love the dress! I hope this is not your last project. :) What tutorial did you use?

    PS - I finally blogged about Liz's shower! I am way behind but catching up quickly. :) It was fun to meet you!