Sunday, September 4, 2011


Disclaimer: One might think this is too tmi but it's my blog and I don't care.

I'm in mourning this weekend. Mourning the return of my monthly curse. :(

After 19 blissful months of pregnancy and nursing with no period... It has returned. Blah!

I had a feeling it was coming the last few weeks (or I was pregnant again - yikes!) and I was right! Honestly, I'm relieved because the day it happened I was 2 pounds heavier on the scale so now I can blame it on bloat.

And It's so lame having to go buy feminine products. Of course I go ahead and buy a bag of Hershey kisses too. Chocolate makes everything better, right?

Thank goodness it's a 3 day weekend!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be right behind you. I've been feeling all crampy recently. I'm not excited about it... For many reasons. Mostly bc once aunt flow comes back around, it's our responsiblity not to get pregnant again until we're "ready", haha!

  2. WOW you haven't had it THAT long!! I knew it held off if you breastfed but that long. That is awesome!