Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So What???? Wednesday


I’m linking up with Shannon this week for So What Wednesday!

So What if….

  • I spent WAY TOO MUCH time organizing my dvr schedule for all my new shows starting back up and all the new pilots I want to check out last night
  • I rarely measure when I cook or set the timer and burnt the garlic bread for dinner tonight
  • all I want to do is make these sugar cookies since I repinned them (thanks Laura!)
  • I was 2.8 pounds closer to my 1st goal last week and now it’s more like 4… woops!
  • I’m obsessed with selling all kinds of things on Ebay – be prepared for a post about this coming soon!
  • all i want to do is work on Kendall’s birthday party! I am making her cake myself and did a trial run last week for one of the flavors and it was AWESOME!

What are you saying SO WHAT??? to???

1 comment:

  1. If you make those sugar cookies I would love an invite to try! What are you cake ideas for Kendall? I made a fun cake for Angela's baby shower (pics on fb) if you have any questions or need my fancy cake pans.