Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So what Wednesday!

This week I'm saying So WHAT:

- if I can't get over Kendall is 11 months old today! Hold me! I almost have a one year old. Wow.
- if I have not written her 11 month post... I will get to it!
- my butt is getting sore from watching all this tv during premiere time
- if I've taken a hiatus this week from cooking dinner
- if I'm no longer blonde and I have never tried anything new with my hair!
You like? I will try and get more pics up later this week!

That's all I have!!! Check out other "so what" blogs at!

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  1. I think your new hair looks great! And I've totally indulged in premier week too :)

  2. Love your new 'do. But you already knew that ;)

  3. Love the dark hair! Brunettes are better anyway... I may be a little biased!