Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UK/UL Football Game

I mentioned yesterday that we had people over for the UK/UL football game. Chris (my husband) is a HUGE, obnoxious and arrogant UK fan. If you lived in this state or know anyone else who suffers from this condition you know the exact bahaviorism/mannerism I’m referring too. Ha!

His child cannot grow up a UofL fan. Kind of unfair but I’m not really a sports person so I let Kendall wear blue. Give and take, right?

However, please know that I have several pictures of her in my alumni colors! Ha! Take that Chris!!!

Anyways… getting off point here. We had our usual peeps over for a get together to watch the game. Someone brought chili, another drinks and my brother/sister brought some goodies… we supplied accompaniments, desserts and grilled hot dogs. :) So the food part was easy.

I practiced making some tissue poms for Kendall’s bday…

(Bad iphone pic… I snapped this as I was getting things ready)


The ladies didn’t really watch the games. We stayed in Kendall’s room most of the night while the babies played. Plus it was really loud in the living room… because my husband yells/cheers at the tv.

In typical Shelli fashion I only took a few pictures and mostly of the babies. I wanted to share them!

Please, please, please ignore the major hair rootage I have showing… I have a color appt. Wednesday and will be wearing a baseball cap until then…

I love how you only see one pigtail on Kendall’s head! Ha!

September 2011 001 September 2011 005 September 2011 006

This is the only one we got of them together… oh well!September 2011 009 Love this little guy!September 2011 010 

Family Photo Take #1

 September 2011 017


September 2011 018

#3 Daddy was done… needed to go back to the game Boo!September 2011 019

Too bad UK lost. NOT! Hubby was sad but that’s what you get for being an obnoxious fan and cheering for blue!

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