Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend and Menu Plan Monday


First… look at these cute pics I took of Kendall last week:

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Our weekend was really fun! Friday night Chris and I went to the wedding of one of his highschool/youth group buddies. I took ZERO pictures but it was really cute….

The wedding was outside and the theme was “two branches, one tree”… instead of lighting a unity candle or filling something up with sand they planted a tree with their parents. Different but unique.

The table names were all cities the couple visited while they were dating/engaged. They had the seating chart written on window panes of an old antique window. It was perfect for the theme and decor of the reception. We sat at the Austin table. They marked each table with a picture of them in the coordinating city. I love details like that!!

Also… the bar had a drink menu with cocktails/mixed drinks and they were named” something borrowed, something blue…etc! So cute!

Saturday we stayed home and prepped for the neighborhood cookout. Chris and both neighbors to the left and right are all on the HOA. Together with the HOA president they decided to have a neighborhood cookout. We were so worried no one would show but we had a great turnout.

We used one of my dad’s tents and sat it up in between our house and our neighbors. I took a few pictures as it was ending and we were starting to clean up.

September 2011 050 September 2011 051 September 2011 055

I used to post our weekly menu all the time. We follow it loosely because sometimes our evening plans change but I like organizing what I will be cooking for the week.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday – Homemade Pizza

Tuesday – Ritz Cracker Chicken, mashed potatoes & veggie

Wednesday – Spaghetti or Chili (see how we feel that day!)

Thursday – Most likely go out to eat

Friday – Wedding :)

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  1. I love that are you active in your HOA. Great meal plan. I have taken a few weeks off and need to get back on the planning wagon. Looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday!