Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Is backtracking one word?

Anyways… a great real estate opportunity became available across the street from my parents house. It’s a HUD property, priced way under market value and has almost 2 acres of land. Plus it has about 500 more square ft. than our current home and a garage which we seriously need!!!

***We put on a bid on the house and are now in the process of purchasing… more details to come :) ***

So… Chris and I called up a mortgage guy and he ran our credit last week. He called me last Thursday and asked if I was aware that I had 2 MORTGAGES? I almost fainted/puked/cried when I heard this… I mean you only hear of these things on dateline right? I never in a million years thought my identity would be stolen.

This ordeal lead to several phone calls all day Thursday and Friday and lots and lots of tears and stress.

It turns out it was not identity theft or fraud (PRAISE THE LORD!) but a mixup with one of the reporting credit bureaus. It should be resolved in a few days/weeks.

If I’ve learned anything from this situation… it’s that I’m going to print a free credit report every year and I may even look into one of those Lifelock programs.

For reals…

Friday- Sunday we headed up to NKY/ Cincinnati for my cousin Liz’s wedding. I hardly took any pictures because I was in the wedding. Savannah was a guest at the wedding and blogged about the wedding here.


I’m waiting to get pictures from Tara of Kendall and Caleb all dressed up.

We had a slight fiasco while at the wedding with our hotel room. I will write about that situation tomm. It’s quite comical now that it’s over.

I’ve had a yucky day today. I discovered a swollen area in my gums last night and went to the dentist this morning. Turns out it was an abscess/infection which led to an immediate root canal. Yikes! I am fairly confident pregnancy really messed up my teeth. I hate the dentist and have to go back next week. :( Pity Party over…

And because a post wouldn’t be complete without my sweetheart :)



  1. That sucks about the credit...but so exciting that y'all got the house! That's the amount of land that we want to have. 2 acres is perfect! I can't wait to see pictures! Do y'all have a closing date yet?

  2. Thank goodness it wasn't identity theft... that's NO FUN!
    Been there!

  3. So excited for you and your family! I can't wait to see pictures of the house.

    Love the picture of you and Liz! Both of you were BEAUTIFUL!