Thursday, October 20, 2011

The day before YOU were born

Dear Kendall,
Some of my favorite moments with you are when we are driving in the car together. I love looking in my rear view mirror and seeing you stare back at me. We talk, sing the hot dog song and clap to each other. :)

This morning you were sleepy and quiet but trying so hard to stay awake. Of course you fell asleep instantly when I started telling you the story about the day before you were born.

I had a wonderful pregnancy. I loved carrying you and loved feeling you in my belly. I knew you were going to change my life and I couldn't wait to meet you and hold you in my arms. Still... I had no idea how much I would really love you and how much joy you would bring in my life. On October 20 I had no idea what "worry" or a "mother's love" really felt like.
I hadn't been sleeping at night so Grandpa let me stay home from work. Plus we had a growth ultrasound appointment for you. It was really warm outside but I decided to take a walk with a few neighbor girls who both had 2 month old baby girls. I was secretly hoping that walk would send me into labor.
After my walk, daddy and I went to our appointment. We put our hospital bags in the back of the car and we had had your carseat installed for about a month already... Just in case! The ultrasound had you measuring around 8 lbs 10 oz. I had been worried about you being too big for the delivery I wanted for us. Dr. Brown asked if we wanted to have you tomorrow since she would be on call! We said yes, were given directions and called all your grandparents to give them the news.
We packed up your buddy Wilson so he could stay at Grandma's and ran a few last minute errands. Daddy needed a haircut before he could meet you and I wanted a new memory card for pictures!
I wasn't supposed to eat after midnight so I made sure I had my favorite meal to fill me up. Marks Feed Store - yummy! The waitress asked when I was due and I told her tomorrow!
That night I could hardly sleep. I took a shower and fixed my hair pretty. The doctor told me to take a sleeping pill and that helped some. I remember going into your nursery making sure it was ready for you and repacking our hospital bags. I started to get really anxious. I was worried about delivery not going smoothly and something bad happening to you or me.
The last thing I remember about the day before you born was laying in bed feeling you move and trying to absorb that feeling. I wanted never to forget what it felt like to be pregnant with you. I wanted to have those memories forever of your little kicks and nudges. :)
To be continued... :)

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  1. These are such sweet details of your last hours as a pregnant momma. Can't wait to read the next part of the story!