Thursday, October 27, 2011

Domestic Goddess

I wanted to document a few things so I will remember them and to point out to my husband that I used to cook and sew.

First, let's discuss how Pinterest has completely changed my cooking routine for the better in our household. I have been pinning and cooking these days.

This past Sunday while we were at Auria"s 1st Birthday party I noticed a little toddler's socks. I asked the mom where she got them and she said she made them. So Monday I looked up a few tutorials online and whipped up these for Kendall. I die!!!!!

I have the BEST sock Model!!!
What are you cooking/making????


  1. I'm sure I've seen that honey chicken but now I must make it! I will put on our menu plan for sure!
    I'm making chicken tortilla soup (soooo goood!), homemade pizza, chicken enchiladas, pumpkin pie brownies (need these now!)...
    You should do a link up! ;)

  2. I have those same recipes pinned! How were they? You should totally do a link up!

    Love the socks too ... and your new blog look!

  3. I have those same recipes pinned! How did they turn out? You should totally do a link up.

    Love the socks ... and the new blog look!