Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall 2011 TV Review Part 2

Ok so this is a few weeks late but I wanted to update about my Fall TV Schedule. So important, right?

My original schedule can be found to the left of the blog or here.

Here is Part One of my Fall 2011 TV Review here.

Shows I have stopped watching because I don't like them...
Up All Night - I just couldn't bare it.
Free Agents - Boring...

Gossip Girl
This has been a guilty pleasure of mine since it aired. I love a good teen drama. It's kind of getting ridiculous... I mean everyone can only hook up with eachother so many times and there are only so many storylines they can do... but I'm still watching. I share this same kind of relationship with Greys Anatomy. I've watched them both from the beginning and I just. can't. stop.

Hart of Dixie
I think this show is really cute and I hope they don't cancel it. It's kind of bad with all of it's "southern" quirks and Rachel Bilson isn't that great at playing a serious doctor but... I like it!

The Middle
This show is super cheesy but it has that family familiarity I just love. In no way am I comparing it to the awesomeness that was Roseanne... however, it kind of reminds me of that show in a weird way. The paycheck to paycheck family and sibling rivalry just hit home in a way that I find funny!

I guarantee this show will be cancelled. It's kind of funny but really silly. The suburbs aren't that bad. I like the main character so I have watched the first two episodes.

The Office
I really hope this is the last season. I love this show and I've watched every episode which is why I want it to come to an end on it's own terms and not get cancelled. I thought an Office with no Micheal Scott would be terrible but it's actually been kind of funny. I love Andy as manager and he surprisingly has some of the same qualities M. Scott did as a boss.

Grey's Anatomy
After George & Izzie hooked up in season 4 or 5 (I can't remember) I wanted to stop watching the show. I loved Grey's Anatomy in the Addison/Burke era and I have always loved the writing for the show. I can't give up on Grey's. Although I'm not 100% impressed with the last few seasons and I hope for the show's sake it's going to come to an end... I love the new cast. I love Avery (hotness) and where has Lexi been the last few episodes? I will stand by Grey's until the end but I wish they would wrap things up.

Pan Am
I have a feeling this one will get cancelled. I love the era and if you knew me in real life you would know I once considered being a flight attendant. Ok... maybe it was a thought I had for a few days until I realized it was just a glamourized waitress and I hated waiting tables!!! Anyways... I like the show but not sure if it has the "it" factor to stay on TV!

Sister Wives
OMG. These people are C.R.A.Z.Y. It's like a bad wreck that you can't help but look at. I am so intrigued by polygamy and how it all works. Here are my thoughts...
1. How are these women not crazy jealous of each other?
2. All of Kody's kids are sooooo going to need lots of therapy.
3. If I was going to be in a polygamist relationship it would be someone hot.... not Kody Brown... just sayin!

Do you watch these shows??? Thoughts????

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  1. OK You hush your mouth about Grays! Yes they all sleep together and it is getting a bit redundant but I can't imagine a world without Derek Shepherd!