Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Kendall!


Today is your first birthday. You are safe and sound probably hapily dreaming of birthday presents in your crib. I couldn’t sleep because I’m so excited about your big birthday tomorrow. We have some errands to run with Daddy and then we are going to go to a special lunch and have a home inspection. Ha! It’s a good thing you can’t boss us around yet!

Anyways, I wanted to write some things down about your first year.  I’m already crying as I type this. Yesterday I wrote about the day before you were born and as much as I would love to share the wonderfulness about the day you were born … I want to talk about your first year. (You can read your birth story here.)

I cannot believe you are one! Everyone always tells you when you have kids that it goes by quickly. I now understand what they mean. Some days I just wish I could make time stay still and you would stay this cute little baby forever. I wonder what life would be like if you were always my sweet, little, cuddly shopping buddy! :)

We have a book I read to you sometimes called If I Could Keep You Little.

(Written and Illustrated by: Marianne Richmond)

If I could keep you little,
I'd hum you lullabies.
But then I'd miss you singing
your concert's big surprise.
If I could keep you little,
I'd hold your hand everywhere.
But then I'd miss you knowing,
"I can go... you stay there."
If I could keep you little,
I'd kiss your cuts and scrapes.
But then I'd miss you
learning from your own mistakes.
If I could keep you little,
I'd strap you in real tight.
But then I'd miss you swinging
from your treetop height.
If I could keep you little,
I'd decide on matching clothes.
But then I'd miss you choosing
dots on top and stripes below.
If I could keep you little,
I'd cut your bread into shapes.
But then I'd miss you finding,
"Hey! I like ketchup with my grapes!"
If I could keep you little,
I'd tell you stories every night.
But then I'd miss you reading
the words you've learned by sight.
If I could keep you little,
I'd push you anywhere.
But then I'd miss you feeling
your speed from here to there!
If I could keep you little,
I'd pick for you a friend or two.
But then I'd miss you finding
friends you like who like you too!
If I could keep you little,
we'd finger-paint our art.
But then I'd miss you creating
stories from you heart.
If I could keep you little,
I'd push your ducky float.
But then I'd miss you feeling
the wind behind summer's boat.
If I could keep you little,
we'd nap in our fort midday.
But then I'd miss you sharing
adventures from camp away.
If I could keep you little,
I'd fly you with my feet.
But then I'd miss you seeing
sky and clouds from your seat.
If I could keep you little,
I'd keep you close to me.
But then I'd miss you growing
into who you're meant to be!

This book makes me cry every time we read it because it’s how I feel about you. I have loved every breath, second, moment and day I get to be your mommy. I have tried to cherish every goal you reach and encourage you to the next one.

The first time we met

October & November 2010 021

The first time you met daddy

October & November 2010 029

Our first family photo

October & November 2010 030 

First Smile72262_697679018874_38307856_38313470_2364965_n

First car ride

Shelli Iphone Photos 176

First Target Trip

 Shelli Iphone Photos 253

First Playdate

October & November 2010 135

First Christmas morning unwrapping giftsDecember 2010 179

First (bumbo) dance recital January 2011 033

Your first furry friendJanuary 2011 048 


Sitting up!DSC_0060

First baseball game


First tea party


First baby pool experience


First airplane ride

Shelli Iphone Photos 054

First time you went to the beach

June 2011 073

First time crawling (on film!)

June 2011 006

First time sleeping in your bed in your roomJune 2011 051

First time pulling up and cruising

July 2011 007

First time climbing steps

August 2011 102

First standing up (standing up holding nothing)

October 2011 058   

First steps (at least the first one I caught on camera)

October 2011 120

First swing

 October 2011 230

First hayride

And lots and lots more “firsts”… (mommy doesn’t want to load anymore pictures because its late!)

I can stare at you all day and it would never get old. Your laugh makes me laugh. I love seeing you point at things because I know it’s something interesting to you. I love how when we pick you up, you pat our backs, like you are reassuring us… not the other way around. I love seeing you walk these days but your one legged crawl is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. My favorite part of the day is coming to get you from your crib in the morning. :)

I love you more than you will ever know. Or at least not until you have a child of your own will you comprehend my love for you. This past year has been the most challenging and rewarding year of my life. I don’t regret anything. I will never complain of lack of sleep or the sacrifices I’ve made to nurse you this long. I always called our 2 am feeding “slumber parties” anyway. :)

I’m in awe of your personality and ability to learn and try new things. I can only imagine what this next year has in store for me! Maybe you will start wearing hair bows, again? Ha! I thank God every day for giving you to me and allowing me to be your mother. You’re my greatest blessing, accomplishment and reward.


September 2011 005

I love you so much!




  1. Oh that was the sweetest post! I can only imagine what you are feeling today (yesterday for actual birthday) getting ready for her party. You are a great momma and you have a beautiful family!
    -Now I must find that book.

  2. Such a sweet post and recap of Kendall's first year! You are such a loving and thoughtful Mom. Kendall ... and your future children are very lucky!