Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm going to try really hard not to sound like a pity party today but I want to remember the good and bad days when I look back on my blog books.

This weekend was exhausting. Monday night I left Kendall with Chris for a few hours to find me some new smaller size pants (woop! woop!) and something to wear for our family picture session Sunday. Kendall apparently screamed the whole time I was gone and I swear it traumatized her because she was very clingy towards me all weekend.
Her top teeth are coming in and I don't know if it's the whole still nursing thing or that she's around me all the time but it's starting to wear on me. I love my daughter more than I can express in words but I need for Chris to be able to help me without her screaming. Like to shower and put makeup on without a toddler screaming at my kneecaps. I feel bad for the guy.
She is fine with him when they are alone (except Friday night) but she freaks when she sees me and then won't have anything to do with him. I pray this is a phase??? Or I may have an only child... I kid. Kind of.

Anyways... fast forward to Sunday for our family pictures. I never dreamed defiance and "getting her way" would be things I would deal with at 1!!! I take partial responsibility because I should have made sure she was well napped and fed.... but seriously? How can you time everything perfectly these days?
In a nut shell I ripped my NEW skinnier pants at the park where we took photos and Kendall wanted nothing to do with the photo shoot. I pray we got some good ones.

Chris kept telling me on the way home that she is one and not everything will be perfect. He is right. Better luck next time???

I'm excited for tonight. We are going to take Kendall trick or treating to a few houses and if it's not too cold maybe we will hit up a local trunk or treat.

If I get pictures of her in her costume I will post them. If not, I hope I can relax and just enjoy her instead of trying to capture the perfect moment.


  1. I assure you we did get some good ones!!

  2. Love your honesty, girlfriend! Kendall is so lucky to have you as a Mommy, but I'm sure there are many tough/challenging moments. I can't wait to see your family pictures ... even if they didn't happen just like you would have wanted. At least you will have a fun picture and memory to look back on in the future. :) Happy Halloween!