Thursday, October 13, 2011

I was laying in bed the other morning thinking about my old car. Random, I know.

I was trying to imagine what it looked like inside and I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember what the radio buttons looked like or how it felt to drive it.
Then I started to thinking about what I was like when I had that car. I was so happy to purchase my first car by myself. It was so cute and so Shelli. I was single and unattached to anyone. I worked third shift and slept in until noon everyday. I blew most of my paychecks on Target shopping trips and went out to dinner a lot with friends. I was still in college and had a pretty selfish life. Or atleast now it seems selfish. Not bad selfish... good selfish. :)

I met my husband while driving that car, got engaged, married and pregnant while driving that car. (I didn't do all of those things while I was literally driving that car...haha)

Then we bought a new car together when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Our first big purchase with both of our names on it. A purchase made for our sweet little Kendall. :)

We drove our new car to the hospital on October 21, 2010. My new car carried the most precious gift home from the hospital. We drive as a family to places in our new car together almost everyday. Kendall and I drive to Target to go shopping together in our car. We sing the "hot dog" song and blast the MM Clubhouse cd to calm Kendall down when she has had ENOUGH of the car. And everytime I look in my rearview mirror I see the most beautiful little girl happily sitting in her carseat. :)

My whole point to this post is not that I miss my old car or my old single days. My point is I love all the stages of my life. I really do.

Most of all I love the memories that we create in our lives and although I don't consider myself to be materialistic I love how certain possessions make us remember those memories. :)

Next week I will have a one year old. I cannot believe that last year I was anxiously waiting the arrival of my sweet baby girl...

and now she is a walking, talking little toddler! (the video is really dark and was taken 2 weeks ago... taken by my iphone... what else?)


  1. Love this! I agree about the is fun to look back on and see how much has changed! I am loving this stage right now!

  2. Very sweet! It's not the car but the memories associated and I can SO relate. Just imagine all the fun stages taht will come with your current wheels! :)