Monday, October 24, 2011

Kendall’s First Birthday Party – the DETAILS

The Invitationpartyinvitaiton

I found a free downloadable kit online with fonts. I tweaked it a little.  I am having trouble remembering where I found it but I want to give credit. I might have the url saved in my work comp. favorites if you’re interested.

The Dress

October 2011 313October 2011 306

I Martha Stewart-ed the heck out of this party! I made the birthday girl’s dress and cakes!!!! I didn’t use a pattern… just kind of winged it. I love how it turned out and I plan on making Kendall some more cutesy outfits in the future!!!


Many of my decor and favor bag ideas came from my Kendall’s Birthday board of Pinterest.

October 2011 167    October 2011 168October 2011 294October 2011 295

Birthday Banner :)October 2011 174

12 Month PhotosOctober 2011 173

Favor Table & step barricade for little guests and birthday girl October 2011 169October 2011 170

Goody Bags for Kendall and her friendsOctober 2011 171

Take Home favors for BIG guests

October 2011 172I originally wanted to use royal icing and make pretty sugar cookies. I bought a $10 minnie mouse cookie cutter online and everything. Then I realized I’m too impatient for royal icing decorating and it was easier to use “ready to bake” cookies than use the cutter. I simply used 2 “mini” choc. chip cookies as the ears and a regular size cookie for the face! Ha!October 2011 164October 2011 162October 2011 165          The Food… my lovely parents helped me so much with everything and let us have the party at their home. Love them!!!!

The Menu

Turkey/Ham sliders, bacon wrapped little weenies, meatballs, David’s taco dip (actually my cousin Sarah’s recipe – I will post this – it’s AMAZING!), veggies, fruit, cheese and crackers

I also incorporated a few of Kendall’s favorites… cheese puffs, animal crackers and goldfish!

October 2011 175

Beverage Bar

October 2011 176

Personalized water bottles I made with mailing address labels, Pink Lemonade, soft drinks and apple juice boxes for the little guests

Cake Table

October 2011 177October 2011 178October 2011 180

I got the idea for a Neapolitan 3 layer cake here on pinterest. I followed the recipe on her blog for the vanilla and chocolate layers. I made my own recipe for icing. This cake tasted divine!!!! Kendall’s smash cake was funfetti.October 2011 291

This is what a kitchen looks like while you are making 7 cakes. :)October 2011 160October 2011 161

If you made it through one, two, three and four (this one) birthday posts… get a hobby. JUST KIDDING!! Thank you so much for your interest in one of the best parties I’ve ever planned and for the best reason to have one – my daughter’s first year of life!!!!!


  1. Great job!!!! Oh everything is so cute!!!!! Is this your house?! So pretty!

  2. So cute, you did a great job momma!

  3. I need a hobby because I just made it through all birthday posts. :) Love, love, love the details! You thought of everything and produced such a festive theme for Kendall's first birthday! Great job, Momma!