Monday, October 10, 2011


We spent the entire weekend cleaning and painting our house in preparation to put a "For Sale" sign out front! I cannot believe we are really doing this. I took a bunch of pictures of the house we have a contract on today but I don't want to post them.

Here's why...
1. I'm worried everything is going to fall a part and I'm really nervous about this whole process.
2. I don't think the house is very cute right now...

I know we are buying a fixer upper to make it nice and its a great investment opportunity but I'm really having a hard time with the thought of living in a house that's not cute. :(

I sound like a baby and I don't care but hear me out...

My current house is small... but it's adorable! See here...

We bought this house right before we got married when we were both in college. Everything was brand new and maintenance free. (Which is why we will be lucky to break even... :(  )

The "soon to be new house hopefully" is ugly and needs a lot of cosmetic work to make it cute and homey. I have a TO DO list a mile long of things I want to change. Changes that probably all won't even happen in the first year we are living there and that makes me sad.
I love having a cute house. I know it takes work and things don't just happen without you doing them. I'm just a little anxious and scared about all we need and want to do.
My husband doesn't think this way. Maybe I'm overthinking and analyzing????

So anyways... we painted our current house this weekend. We are going to repaint most of the rooms so they look all pretty when people come see the house. Hopefully people come and are interested... If you paint it they will come... right? (Did anyone else get my Field of Dreams quote inspiration?)

Sorry for my blah mood. This is just stressful! Here are some pictures anyway...

They were taken with the lame Iphone camera... sorry for the quality!

This is the front of the house. I took this picture from my parents property (hence the black fence) so you can see how close we are to them. Landscaping and switching out those awful decorative metal posts will be priority next spring!!
 Back of the house. The patio is fairly new and I can't wait to get rid of those awful porch steps... I'm thinking a built in stone grill is in our near future. :)
 The back yard that goes on forever... well 2 acres atleast!
 The pretty front door. I have no clue what that stain is on the concrete. This is a foreclosure... maybe I will find an EXTRA LARGE welcome mat to cover it up or it will go away if we seal it.
 My girl and I walking over to the house... :)
And it's going to be so nice to have these folks as neighbors... :)
(Kendall's Gma & Gpa's house... aka my parents)


  1. We are working on a fixer-upper right now too. It is very overwhelming at times because it is much smaller than our old house & I have no idea where to put things. Plus, I'm with ya on the cute factor. It may sound snobby, but I just don't want to live in an ugly house! Haha! It's slowly getting there though & yours will too. You will put your own stamp on things & it will be adorable. Good luck! :)

  2. Aw! I love both houses! Your current house is super super cute!!!! The one you are getting is NOT ugly! I like it! I agree, i would switch out those posts in front, but other than that! It's very nice! I will try not to be jealous. I have a trailer. We've lived in it since we got married, going on 3 years. So i REALLY want a house & i don't care what it looks like! LOL

  3. As close as you are to your parents, this is an awesome location for you! Think YHL and whole house makeovers! You can do it! I personally love fixer uppers but yes 4 1/2 years into ours and I'm just now starting to get it the way I want it. You'll get there and when you do, you'll forget about the other house! I mean 2 ACRES...I would love that! Think of the trade off!

  4. LOVE your (hopefully) new house! It may be overwhelming, but I'm sure you and Chris will love the process of making it your own. Can't wait to see more!