Friday, October 28, 2011

Twas the Friday before Halloween...

  • I've never been a huge Halloween fan. I don't like scary movies and I haven't dressed up in years. However, like with most things we loved as kids, when we have kids those things become tons of fun.I didn't decorate for fall this year because a) we never got our fall decorations down from the attic and b) we've been preparing our house to sell. We did make it to a pumpkin patch and I do have pumkins sitting on the porch. So we have had a great FALL time so far...
  • Chris is so cute this year. This week at his school it's been Red Ribbon week (some drug awareness education sponsor thing) or something similar to what I remember in high school... spirit week! They had a camo day, team jersey day, hippy day and today was Halloween. He went to Wal-mart last night at 10 pm to search for costume ideas. He wore a afro and tyedye shirt yesterday for hippy day and dressed as an elderly man in pjs pants and my big fluffy white bathrobe. Haha!!! He even sprayed his hair gray! I hope it comes out!
  • I looked and looked for the perfect costume for Kendall. They were either really pricey, too grown up for a one year old or involved putting something on her head.... and we know that's not happening!So I decided to DIY her costume. I will take pictures this weekend/Monday night but she is going to be a purple fairy. :) Here's a small glimpse of the costume in progress from my iphone a few weeks ago... excuse her hair! Ha! Love this girl!!

  • We (Chris doesn't know it yet) are going to take her to a trunk or treat this weekend and then take her to a few houses in our neighborhood Monday night. I think she will love seeing all the other kids in costume and will love collecting candy. :)
  • Also this weekend my good friend Sara from Sara Johnson photography is taking our family pictures/Kendall's 1 year photos. Sara photographed Kendall in my belly, as a newborn and our whole family at 6 months. I'm so excited about having new pictures to frame and exhibit in our new home towards the end of the year. Sara is 37 weeks pregnant with her son and is so excited! You can read about her photography and pregnancy on her blog here.
  • With family pictures comes the dreaded.... what do I wear?!?!?!?I am about 50% sure I have Kendall's outfit picked out. I might also have a second outfit for her to change into. Chris is easy to dress and then there's me... ugh. I need a new pair of dark jeans and a pretty fall colored sweater that will look great with my non blonde hair and I NEED to find them tonight. Preferably at Kohls since I have a coupon.
What are your Halloween plans? Costumes?

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  1. Totally with you about Halloween. I was never a big fan but like it now more than ever because of the little people in my life. :) Kendall's costume is so sweet!

    Good luck with your family pictures. I don't think you can go wrong with a fall sweater and jeans. Our goregous weather with make for a great background! Can't wait to see them!