Thursday, October 6, 2011

We flooded our hotel…

Ok so we booked a hotel room where everyone else was staying for the wedding. I will not disclose the hotel name or location but if you want to know where NOT to stay when you go to a wedding in Cincinnati leave me a comment and I will tell you.

We checked in Friday evening and the toilet would make funny noises for like 10 minutes after you flushed. It was nothing more than annoyance so we didn’t see the point in complaining or asking to switch rooms. I mean… this wasn’t a Ritz Carlton.

On Saturday while I was away doing wedding party things Chris was getting Kendall ready in our room. He used the restroom, flushed the toilet and it started making the noises so he ignored it.

October 2011 269

He then spent about 15-20 minutes getting Kendall changed and dressed for the wedding and packing her diaper bag. As he walked out the door holding Kendall he was stepping in water from the bathroom.

The water was rushing out into the hotel hallway and to the other side of our room at this point. He got help and called my mom to take Kendall. A manager came to our room with a wet vac and Chris frantically tried to save our luggage and belongings from the flood.

**** Please note that we were on the 5th floor and the toilet overflowed to the lobby of the hotel****

Here is the video provided from my cousin Becca.

I received a text at this point and called to hear the news. They got Chris and our WET things to a new room and Chris rushed to make it in time for the wedding… with WET SOCKS and SHOES. :(

My mom and Kendall in front of the water leak. :)

October 2011 271

When we got back to the hotel we asked to speak to a manager and not only did they NOT apologize for our inconvenience they asked WHAT WE DID????

They did not care that all of our clothes were soaked and were not helpful at all. I sent them a letter.

So that's our hotel story! We laugh about it now. Haha I just can’t help but feel sorry if anyone was staying in a room below us.

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  1. I can't believe they were rude to you when you returned to the hotel! I'm glad you wrote a letter. Hopefully it will make an impact on some level. Chris is such a trooper for working under pressure and attending the wedding in wet gear. :)

    The picture of Kendall in your hotel room is adorable!