Wednesday, November 2, 2011

12 Months Old!

(A little late)


I can’t believe you’re are 1!!!! It feels like only yesterday we brought you home from the hospital and now you’re a walking/talking toddler!!!


  • You’re a walking maniac!
  • You can say go, momma, da-da and hi/bye
  • You’re sleeping so good at nightDSC_0140
  • You are 21 pounds and 31.5 inches – Tall and lean!
  • You are still a very picky eater
  • You’re too busy to eat!!!!DSC_0142
  • Watching you play is so much fun – we caught you feeding your baby doll and giving her toys
  • You love playing with Wilson and spend hours chasing him around the houseDSC_0144
  • You have little routines when you play too… it’s so adorable!
  • You love loving on your stuffed animalsDSC_0145
  • You’ve started helping me dress/undress you… sometimes
  • I caught you trying to put a bow in your hair so I’m hoping you will start wearing them again?DSC_0151
  • You tried cows milk this month
  • You still love watching MMC
  • We have a tv addict on our hands… when its turned off you find the remote and point at the tv. So we’ve been limiting tv time.DSC_0155
  • You don’t like having your pictures taken these days AT ALL
  • We are reaching a defiant stage!
  • You like to scare people in public by saying “boo!”
  • You take breaks when you’re playing/walking to come and give me hugsDSC_0157
  • Still in some size 12 clothes but mostly 18 months
  • You love helping us with things around the house
  • You like to do what we do… if I open a cabinet you have to open it after me etc…DSC_0161
  • You’ve started laughing out loud and it’s the funniest thing!!! I love when you laugh with us!
  • You point at everything. It’s like we know what you’re thinking now!DSC_0162

I love you so much Kendall! You’re are the cutest little girl and your sweet personality makes me smile. I love watching you learn new things and can’t wait to see what fun year 2 will bring!

Love Mommy

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