Monday, November 7, 2011

At the dr again...

Ok I've lost my mind. I had a 1:15 appt and rolled in at 12 because I didn't change the clock in my car! Ha!
And that's not even the worst part! I made a sandwich yesterday for lunch and this morning Chris asked me where the turkey I bought was in the fridge. Immediately I knew where it was... In the cabinet with the bread! Omg!
This mishap along with accidentally throwing a wet diaper away in the washing machine before I ran it clearly have me questioning my sanity.

Mind you we had our washer looked at today... $200 later my diaper fiasco is not the issue!

Back to Kendall... Saturday she had a fever so I made the decision to keep her home from Caleb's 1st birthday. :(

I went by myself because I couldn't imagine missing it but I was bummed Kendall and Chris weren't there. Tara had everything so cute and I enjoyed my little time away. I even made it to the grocery. Her fever quickly dropped and she had a great night with daddy.

But her little fever is exactly why we are here today playing in the backseat of the car because we're an hour early! Ha!

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  1. These stories made me laugh out loud! Love your Momma brain... and that you blog about it to remember later :) Hope Kendall is feeling better soon!