Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Date Night

Chris would not classify Black Friday shopping as a date but it was our first night away from Kendall. :) We were going to Target at Midnight so we let her stay the night with my parents.

To sum up our adventures…

$36 Vacuum from Walmart

A bunch of goodies from Target and an unhappy line waiter…


White Castle at 2am… I haven’t stayed up that late in a looooonnnng time!

Kendall did great at her grandparents but we were both pretty excited to go get her Friday morning!

Oh and we made a BIG purchase for the new house… ( you know the one we haven’t closed on yet… haha) Who cares? It was an awesome black friday deal!!! Stainless steel microwave, range, dishwasher and this beauty…



  1. Love your new fridge. Isn't it funny the things that excite us these days!! I like my freezer on the bottom, but beware sticky fingers can access it much easier (maybe that's just the sticky fingers at my house haha!) Sounds like ya'll got some good deals. Chris is a big Black Friday shopper (which is how I ended up with my MAC haha!) I can't do it though because I don't do crowds or lines ha.

  2. Love Black Friday deals, you just cant pass some of them up. Glad you got your vacuum from Walmart, Toys R Us was a piece of cake but Walmart about gave me an anxiety attack! haha. I got everything I wanted, but man.. it was a madhouse in there. lol. Sounds like you guys did awesome though!! :) Love the new fridge.

  3. What a fun date night! Every year I beg Kevin to go and so far I have been unsuccessful. You found some great deals and I LOVE your new appliances! They are going to look great in your new kitchen!