Sunday, November 13, 2011

First toddler tantrum and ta-ta's

I'm just living the dream tonight being lazy on the couch. I broiled tilapia for dinner so I'm letting Kendall run around in a diaper since our house is 5000 degrees and the Mr. Has retreated from his hunting grounds and is lesson planning. So 19 kids and counting and sister wives are my plans for the evening.
We had a great weekend! Kendall and I picked up my cousin Becca yesterday and we headed to my aunts church for a Christmas Bazaar. They had all these gift baskets set up for a silent auction. I won a basket of about 30 books for Kendall.
After the Bazaar, we went to lunch with Becca at a Mexican restaurant. Kendall threw a fit. Full blown throwing herself on the ground get-me-out-of-this-restaurant fit! I didn't even know she could do that at one!!! She didn't want to eat or sit in her high hair. Sitting in the booth or my lap was not going to work so I thought she would stand and hold my hand. No! She went walking and when I went to pick her up, her body went limp, she arched her back and laid on the dirty floor.
I have my hands full. Thank goodness (for momma) there were only two other patrons dining... Who also thought she was about 2 years old. No... She is one and already throwing fits.

In other Kendall related news... I've been trying to wean her and get her to start drinking cows milk. I had planned on nursing her a year and I'm so glad I was able to accomplish this and provide for her this way. I know cutting her off cold turkey isn't going to happen and wouldn't be best for her ( or the ta-ta's) so I'm hoping to completely stop nursing by Christmas.
Part of me feels embarrassed I'm still nursing her and I know I shouldn't feel this way. I think others' opinions and society's view on nursing longer than one year make me feel this way. It's so stupid that I care what others think because it's not about them. But honestly, I'm ready to have my body back too. For almost 2 years I've been pregnant or nursing which restricts so much.
Here are the issues. 1) she doesn't really care for cows milk unless it's warm 2) she loves to nurse and 3) I don't know how to wean her in a way that is good for us both.
I keep hoping she will just refuse to nurse and then I will know she's ready. I want it to happen naturally and on her terms. So for now I'm trying to distract her and cut out one nursing session a day. I know it will end and am confident I'm going about it the right way in my heart.


  1. I promise it's not the end of the world if she doesn't drink milk! G eats lots of yogurt & we give him a multivitamin. Don't stress about that:) Good luck weaning!

  2. Isabelle wouldn't drink cows milk for the longest time. She would gag when she would drink it (which I hate milk so I thought I passed that gene on to her) but then suddenly one day she started drinking it...and LOVING it. So maybe if you just keep offering it, she will eventually wear down and take it. Good luck! Ps. Congrats on making it so long on nursing! That's so great!

  3. I can't believe you are still nursing! What an incredible accomplishment! Good luck with the weaning process. Kendall is growing up too fast!