Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday!

Saturday after our 3 Thanksgivings and Black Friday madness we had my Grandpa Joe’s 80th Birthday party! All his siblings and our family came to celebrate this big milestone. We ate all his favorite food and watched old movies and looked through his old air force pictures. It was such a special day for the birthday guy and everyone!

I pretty much got disowned from my family over Kendall’s outfit for the party. My husband and grandpa are huge UK fans so I thought it was fitting… plus there was a big win over TN for them.DSC_0748

Everyone brought 80 things to give Grandpa. Everyone brought really funny things and he had so much fun opening them.DSC_0749  DSC_0764  DSC_0769 DSC_0772 

There was also a money tree for him! Everyone put money in envelopes and hung them on the tree.


In addition to the real food… Grandpa requested these favorites!!DSC_0802

Grandpa & Grandma, his siblings and their spousesDSC_0814

My sweeties :)



  1. I LOVE that Kendall is laying on a UL blanket. It almost, almost cancels out the UK outfit! I sure hope she has one of those in red too!!

  2. What a sweet celebration! I love the idea of bringing 80 things in honor of his 80th birthday!