Friday, November 11, 2011

It’s the freakin weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun

10 points if you know what song this blog post title is from?

I’m in the mood for a random post today and a random post would not be complete without bullet points.

  • First order of business..If you watched Grey’s Anatomy last night please comment so we can start an email conversation about the episode. Thank you.
  • Gun season for deer hunting starts this weekend so I probably won’t see my husband at all… shopping anyone?
  • Kendall loves pushing her baby stroller around and tending to her baby doll. It’s the cutest. thing. ever!!!! She feeds her snacks and everything.
  • I seriously can’t believe moving is in my near future if everything goes smoothly with our appraisal etc.I don’t even know how to pack. I moved from my parents house to our house so I didn’t really have anything to move that wouldn’t fit in my car the last time I moved.
  • I’m DYING to start talking about home decor and all of my plans for our new house on the blog but I’m waiting until it’s official. I’ve pinned a few things on Pinterest.
  • I might go take pictures of the house this weekend so I can have BEFORE pictures and show off the house. Maybe bounce some ideas off of you???
  • If you are totally lost… we are buying a HUD foreclosure home and it’s in great structural shape but needs some cosmetic TLC.
  • Yesterday I weighed 1_1 which means I have 2 pounds to go until I’m back in the 1_0’s… so I made brownies last night! Oops!
  • Everyday I say I’m going to eat better but then I do bad things like go through the McD’s drive thru
  • In my defense, I’ve started ordering happy meals with a big ole coke and they are very fulfilling.
  • I seriously have no plans this weekend and I’m looking forward to relaxing in my cozy house with Kendall, Chris when he’s not being boring in the woods, my batch of brownies and the DVR!!

Have you ever not left your house all weekend? What are your weekend plans?


  1. I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for you on the house deal! I know how stressful it is and blah! I hope it goes quickly and smoothly!

  2. We've already talked Grays but I'm down for more!
    Everyone is hunting this weekend...I guess opening season makes since. Thankful my husband hasn't found that obsession!
    Can't wait till you move and we get to see the transformations!
    Pictures were great! ;)
    I always say I'm quitting sugar or cutting back and then I must have something after every meal. Le sigh...

  3. OMG Greys was intense!! I don't know how I will be able to wait until January for the next show! I hope your new house stuff works out. I am sure you are so anxious to make it happen! Can't wait to follow your projects and progress. You always have the best ideas!

  4. Greys was CRAZY! I was seriously crying through the whole thing. It made me SO mad! lol. I still get mad thinking about it, haha. But, good luck with the house! :)