Friday, November 4, 2011

Sick little Ears :(

Kendall and I are having a girls night tonight. Chris is bow hunting. We have napped, cooked homemade pizza and watched Grey’s Anatomy and it’s not even 7 pm! Have I mentioned I love my life? :)

Remember this post? My pity party about ripping my pants and Kendall being fussy for our photo shoot. Well my motherly instinct  along with a mild temp and continuous tugging of her ears told me to take Kendall to the doctor on Wednesday. And she had an ear infection. Boo!

I’m thankful that she hasn’t really had any other symptoms like she did with the last one. We finished her antibiotic tonight and I pray it heals her little ears are okay.

(Off the record but we met with the OTHER pediatrician in the office and I asked why she was getting ear infections since she is a breast fed baby. Because I’m doing everything the perfect way and she shouldn’t get sick and I’m smarter than a doctor. I hope you’re hinting my sarcasm in that statement! Ha! Anyways HE said “sometimes there’s just bad plumbing”…. EXCUSE ME? My child does not have poor plumbing.)

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  1. What a perfect girl's night! Grey's is my favorite and I commend you on exposing Kendall to such great TV. :) Hope she is feeling better soon! Dang ears!