Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve 2011

Happy Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Happy last day of work this week!!! I don't know if I will blog much the rest of the week. I hope to take some great pictures over the Holiday because we have a lot of exciting things happening.
  • 3 Thanksgiving Dinners
  • My husband has committed to going to Target at Midnight on Black Friday with me!!
  • My Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party
As you can see we will be a little busy over the next 4 days!

Anyways... last Thanksgiving I had a 1 month old and this year I have a 13 month old. How crazy is that? I found these pictures from FB last year...

She was so tiny and I can't get over how much her looks have changed... I love watching Kendall grow!



  1. Busy weekend ahead! So fun that Chris is shopping with you. I'll be out too, but with my younger brother as crowds and shopping aren't in Kevin's top 100 things to do. :) Good luck!

  2. Awe, she was so tiny! :) We have 3 dinners tomorrow as well, then Eric and I will be going shopping too. I am so excited! Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!