Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

I have been looking forward to this Christmas for a while now. Last year (obviously) was great because it was Kendall’s first Christmas and she was adorable but… this year she is so animated, talkative and MOBILE.

Of course she hasn’t fully grasped the whole concept of unwrapping gifts, Baby Jesus or Santa yet… but its fun to relive our childhood and start new traditions in our family.

Twas the night before Christmas… and Kendall is wearing her christmas gown and I’m trying to get a photo! Ha!

DSC_1095 DSC_1096 DSC_1098

Of course I took a picture of everything before she saw them! Chris and I have argued discussed whether Santa’s gifts would be wrapped or not. I finally caved compromised and decided her gifts from Santa would be put together and unwrapped while her gifts from mommy and daddy would be wrapped and not put together.  Besides… when I was a kid I never understood how Santa had time to shop at the same stores my parents did. DSC_1100

I’m sure you can guess which gift Chris Santa picked out. DSC_1101 DSC_1102 DSC_1103

I love how she picks one girly and one sporty thing to play with. :)DSC_1106

Get this hat off of me!!!



DSC_1114 DSC_1118 DSC_1120 DSC_1121

Favorite gift by far!DSC_1131

So… after our Christmas morning we headed to Christmas at Chris’s parents and grandparents. Kendall had been a little clingy to me the night before at my grandparents but I figured it was because she hadn’t had an afternoon nap and was tired. Well it was awful on Christmas day. I could not put her down and she would throw a fit if I left the room. She kept holding my hands and I felt her forehead and it seemed warm. Now that I look back she didn’t have much of an appetite the last few days but with a picky toddler that’s not really all that crazy.

When we got home she had a 100.7 temp so I gave her some medicine and cuddled with her all night. She woke up at 1 am BURNING up! Her temp was 102.3. She’s never had that high of a temp before! She didn’t really have anymore symptoms so the fact that her doctors office was closed Monday didn’t bother me. We just kind of cuddled and I kept tabs on her temp and alternated ibuprofen/Tylenol etc. That night she woke up again and it spiked to 101.7 so I made the decision I would make her an appointment (that day) Tuesday.

I had to see a pediatrician I haven’t met yet and he had no sense of humor. It really makes you appreciate your pediatrician when they’re not in. Her ears had a little fluid and her throat was red. She had a negative strep test and they gave her an antibiotic. She has been 100% better since yesterday!

If you read all that… give yourself a pat on the back. I sound like a medical file. Ha! I write these posts for my memories.

Back to Christmas…

The day after Christmas my Grandma Tootie & Rodger came and stayed at my parents’ house. They live in Florida for the winter (lucky) and are in town to visit family. Kendall had been so clingy the past few days with all her other relatives so it shocked me that her and my Grandma were best buds!
DSC_1134 DSC_1135


  1. looks like she had a great christmas minus being sick. poor thing!

  2. Gosh she's adorable!!! And all that hair? My Kendall is jealous!

  3. Love the pictures of Kendall and Wilson. What a cute duo! Glad she is feeling better. Being sick during the holidays is not fun!