Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodbye Floors!

For a foreclosure, our current home is in great shape. No major issues or eye sores. However, there were things we wanted to fix/change/renovate before we moved in and lots of things we had to buy.

The house was built in 1955 and in 2004 it was a foreclosure. Someone purchased it and renovated the entire house. I’m not quite sure but sometime between 1955 and 2004 two rooms were added and a detached garage.

Whoever renovated the home did a fairly amateur job. Or maybe we are just picky. The doors are primed but have never been painted, trim is backwards around several windows and there was a large bubble in the laminate hardwood flooring that made you trip every time you walked through the living room.

We have several plans for this house for me to list all in one blog so I wanted to blog about it younghouselove style as we go.

As of December 22nd (my birthday holla!) the following had been done (in 2 days)…

Laminate flooring fixed in living room and ripped out of kitchen and bathrooms


Ugly carpet gone in all bedrooms

DSC_0978 DSC_0979

Everything removed from main bathroomDSC_0980 DSC_0981

Master Closet demo

DSC_0982 DSC_0983 DSC_0984

New locks


Tile and other materials purchased


Tired hubby


Chaos and mess everywhere


And the cutest little 14 month old around watching everything happen!DSC_0993

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