Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New House Update

So the same day I wrote this post I received a very important email. We are closing on our new house Tuesday December 20th!

I'm so excited! That's also my sister's 18th birthday! Woohoo! We probably won't move in until a week or so later because we have lots of work to do before we start moving furniture in. :) No biggie. I'd rather have new floors and freshly painted walls before we settle in to our new home.

Also if you live in the Louisville, KY area and are free anytime between December 20 - January 2 and want to paint/install hardwood floors/move boxes let me know. :) We will compensate you with food and laughs.


  1. How exciting!!! Sending you good thoughts for a smooth closing!

  2. YAY! thats awesome, where is the new house?!
    we did floors this spring, you will need help for sure :)
    if you need a rest and a play date let me know :)
    im no good at floors or paint :)