Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Temporary Home

If you are new to this blog you may want to backtrack a few posts.

We moved out of our house Friday and closed Friday afternoon. I was really sentimental Thursday about leaving but Friday I was ready to move out. I was at the house most of the day by myself cleaning and packing up what little stuff we had left. The new owners (my cousin Mark and his wife) were able to start moving in Friday night and they love the house already.

We have spent the weekend getting settled in our “apartment”. We are waiting on HUD to get their act together and give our mortgage company approval to close on the house. Please pray and send us good thoughts this week. It’s Chris’s last week of teaching and it would be AWESOME if we closed before his Christmas break. That would give us 2 weeks to replace flooring/paint/move etc. etc….

Until that happens… my parents have ever so graciously let us stay in their AWESOME basement. AKA our new “apartment”. We are living in style…

We are very happy here and my parents live right across the street from the home we are purchasing so it will be great when we are working on it.

The main room

We put our tree up with a few ornaments to make it more home-y.


Kendall’s toys have already taken over!DSC_0861



Oh and every apartment needs one of these… right? You should've seen Kendall watch Mickey Mouse on this big screen!DSC_0863

Our Bedroom

DSC_0864 Kendall is with us too… so far she has slept better than us! Ha!DSC_0865

We made the other bedroom in the “apartment” a walk in closet. Love it!DSC_0866

That’s our temporary home! We may never leave! Kidding! These two seem content about the situation!!!!!


We had a play date in our “apartment” Sunday I will have to post about later!


  1. I am really jealous of your parents basement!! I hope y'all can get started on your new house soon!

  2. I can't wait to see your before and after pics of your new home. I am sure your husband is as excited as I am about being off for 2 weeks! The next 4 days can't go fast enough!! Love your temporary home:)

  3. Wow, I love their basement, I definitely want a basement just like that. lol. LOVE that you guys made it seem like home. :) Crossing my fingers that you guys get your house soon.

  4. I know you are excited about your new home, but I think you have a pretty sweet set-up in the basement! :) We lived with Kevin's mom for six months while our new house was being built and LOVED it! Some of my favorite memories of our marriage for sure. Good luck with closing on your new house - especially while Chris is off work!