Friday, December 9, 2011

Today we move out...

I'm going to try really hard not to cry as I type this. We are closing on our house today at 330pm.

This is the home we purchased to live in as newlyweds and start our lives together. This is the only home Wilson has ever known. This is the house I brought my baby girl home from the hospital to. The same house with the nursery I love so much.
I'm sure there will be tears as we pull away for the last time. I know we can go visit and drive by the house but it's not the same. We will no longer live there.


I'm so thankful for this house. I'm so thankful we were blessed with a home and able to have so many precious memories made. I'm so thankful for our next house adventure and all of the memories we will make there as well.

I will miss our neighborhood and neighbors and the community we have made ours. I will also miss the Sego's, our very favorite friends and neighbors! We will still visit... I mean our hairstylist, pediatrician, dentist and vet are all here...

 I'm so afraid Kendall will miss her house. I know she is one and will adapt accordingly and she will love our NEW house so much! I just always love how happy she is when she is in HER home.

::more tears::

I couldn't be happier about selling our house. My cousin and his wife are purchasing our home and it's their first home. I know they will make so many memories in that house and love it just as much as we have. It makes me feel better about leaving our house knowing it's in great hands.

I pray that the transition for our family over the next few weeks goes smoothly. We are temporarily moving in with my parents (right across the street from our new house) until HUD gives us the approval to close. I'm really hoping this is before Christmas since our loan is good to go and we are just waiting on a lead base paint test. Then we will hit the ground running making our new house our own.

Exciting things are ahead for us! I will try to blog as much as possible to keep you posted!


  1. We are in the process of selling our house right now too and I have had several breakdowns about it. I'm excited for the new memories in the new house, but it's hard to say goodbye to the old memories.

  2. So bittersweet! Good luck with everything this weekend.