Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trim, Closets and Drywall – OH MY!

Lions, tigers and bears, anyone?

We have owned our new house for a little over a week now and we Chris has made great progress! He has had lots of help from my dad and his dad and we are so GRATEFUL for free labor. Ha! Seriously… family is THE BEST and we are so blessed.

Remember me talking about the laminate hardwood having a giant bubble in it and it made everyone trip when they walked through the living room? Well it’s gone. YAy! Eventually we’d like to install new hardwood but this saves us a few thousand dollars and it works. Plus it’s pretty cute… when it’s not covered in drywall dust of course!


In the open entry (door jams? no clue what to call them) between the kitchen/living room, kitchen/dining area and living room/foyer… they were all different heights so they have all been adjusted. You can tell in a few of the pictures. Also the flooring in both bathrooms and the kitchen have been ripped up and are being prepped for tile.

They have also moved some electric. There were some outlets in weird spots… like behind where the stove would go??? Weird.


Our house is a mess. Stuff is everywhere.DSC_1141

Toilets and sinks have been removed in both bathrooms for tile/paint, etc.DSC_1142 DSC_1146

Remember this weird closet situation????



Now it looks like this…


FYI – it’s hard to find a 48 inch double door and it was $178. Yuck!

Lots of the existing trimwork in the house is backwards so that is being fixed.DSC_1144  

They are patching up areas of the wall to make them look better.


Remember this weird shelf or was it a DIY bunk bed?

Well its gone. I might have already mentioned this. Oh well. I forget.

DSC_0942 DSC_1148 

We are hoping to start painting some tomorrow. Chris and my dad will be laying tile, caulking windows and finishing trim/drywall etc this weekend. Our appliances will be delivered on Monday and carpet will be installed on Tuesday. So it looks like we will have a Happy New Year in a NEW HOUSE!

I will keep you posted. Let’s pray I like all the paint colors when we put them on the walls. Hahaha


  1. WAY behind in blog reading, but holy moly you have made some progress!!!! I love all of the changes you are making and can't wait to see it painted. I bet Chris is looking forward to going back to school for a break. :)

  2. Wow I am so impressed on how much ya'll have accomplished! The closet is awesome and I love what you all did with it! Isn't it so nice to have a handy husband. My Chris has pretty much gutted our house and remodeled every room but a few! And those few will be coming soon!! Good luck with the remodel and I look forward to see more pictures of the process!