Thursday, January 26, 2012

15 Months


You are 15 months old. I no longer see any baby when I look at you! You’re all toddler! You are so smart and are learning things so quickly. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since your first birthday. Since I stopped doing monthly posts about your development I wanted to pick back up before I forget all the cute and fun things you’re doing these days.


  • You TALK so much! From the moment you wake up until the moment you’re fighting to go to sleep at night you are talking a mile a minute. Sure, I don’t understand all your “words” yet but I really feel like we are holding conversations now.
  • You point at things you want while you’re taking. My favorite is when you’re hungry/thirsty or want something you can’t reach. You get a little feisty but that’s what makes you, you!DSC_0042
  • At your 15 month checkup you said “HI” to all the doctors and medical assistants. You were so friendly.
  • You weighed 23.6 pounds last Thursday at the doctor and 24.6 the following Monday at your well checkup. So I’m guessing you are somewhere in between that weight.
  • You were 31.5 inches – I can’t remember what you were at 1 year but I think 31.5 is a little off. You are so tall!DSC_0045
  • You are wearing size 18 month clothing and size 4 diapers. I’ve started trying on some of your 24 month clothing and most are too big.
  • When you’re doing something you are supposed to be doing (like going up steps, putting Wilson's dog food in his water bowl or opening cabinets) and I tell you no… you shake your head no and keep on doing it. WE are working on this!
  • You are so LOVING. When you’re busy playing you love to come and hug/kiss on me. I love it!
  • When you’re sleepy you love holding hands when I rock you. Full on clasping fingers holding hands. LOVE!DSC_0048
  • You shake your head NO all the time. You know the meaning of that!
  • I love watching you play. I wish I knew what your pretty little head was thinking.
  • You can climb up and down off couches now. I think I’m getting gray hair.
  • You want to play outside so badly. I cannot wait until SPRING. We are going to have so much fun playing in our new big backyard. I think a swing set is going to have to make it’s way behind our house this year. :)DSC_0053
  • You’re still my picky little eater. I confessed to the pediatrician that I was still feeding you Stage 3 Gerber baby foods sometimes so you would eat some form of fruit/veggie and he said his 2 year old ate those too. On the flip side… Wilson’s diet has gotten out of control because of you feeding him what you don’t want.
  • I’ve been trying to limit your Mickey Mouse clubhouse viewings (kind of hard when you’re trying to unpack a house) but I’ve noticed you are very interactive with the show. Answering questions and dancing along.
  • You have certain  toys that play music and you love going over to them and pushing the button and dancing.
  • I think you will be taking gymnastics soon. You LOVE being flipped around and playing “rough”. You do the cutest thing when you want to play like that. Exhibit A:photo

There are probably a million things I’m missing but you’re growing up too fast to write them all down! It’s no joke that you keep me busy! I love you so much and I love the beautiful, smart, funny and sassy toddler you’re becoming everyday!


(p.s. you’re also starting to get the hang of this whole taking pictures deal!)

We love you bunches!

Mommy & Daddy


  1. Kendall is such a cutie. Isn't it crazy how they lose that baby look so fast. Makes me wanna cry when I look at my K's pictures! I think my K may need lessons from yours on what a camera is for. She isn't too interested in smiling for me these days!

  2. Happy 15 months Kendall! I didn't realize her and my Peyton were so close in age, she turned 15 months on the 27th. I put Kaylee in Parent/tot Gymnastics class right around 21 months or so, now shes 3.5 & goes in without me, but it amazes me every week how much shes learned. She loves it, Its been so fun for her. I plan on putting Peyton in around the same age. I bet Kendall would love it too. :)