Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Me

I have refrained from making new years resolutions in the past. I mean I guess every year I want to lose 20 pounds and save more money but those are boring. Plus I feel like sometimes we set ourselves up for failure when making resolutions. However, it’s fun to set some goals when you have a fresh new beginning to the year.

In no particular order, here are mine:

  • Find a home church and get involved
  • Decorate our new home
  • Start a regular workout regimen
  • Cook more new recipes
  • Find a career I love ? new job?
  • Read a book, or two? I haven’t read a book since I was preggers
  • Practice patience with others
  • Be kind to my husband everyday even when he drives me crazy
  • DO more fun activities with Kendall – like mommy & me gymnastics?
  • Relax more
  • Take more pictures
  • Go on a weekend trip with Chris

The new year is always fun. I always feel so refreshed and happy to start fresh. Did you make any resolutions???

Oh and if I lose 20 pounds this year… I’d be ecstatic!


  1. Hope you all had a great new years! good goals for 2012=)

  2. I love all of your goals! Sending you lots of luck for 2012!

  3. LOve your goals. I was going to mommy and me gymnastics but someone talked me out of it. Was thinking about doing swim lessons with Kendall though:)

  4. I too refrained this year from making the sam eold boring New Year's resolutions...instead I made goals for 2012. Attainable goals!