Sunday, January 8, 2012

Play dates, house progress and the sickies

Friday Kendall I ventured back to our old neighborhood to visit with my good friend Heather and her two babies. Of course I took no pictures! I even had my camera bag in the car.

Heather has 2 beautiful babies. Emmakate is almost 17 months and Weston is 3 months old. Kendall had fun playing with all of their toys and of course I loved catching up with their mom!!

Days like Friday is why I will miss our old neighborhood. Our new house is on a street off a main road. The neighbors are friendly but there isn’t a “neighborhood” feel and are no young families. This is why I cherish my friendships with moms who have toddlers Kendall’s age. I need to make more of an effort to plan play dates!

Saturday my cousin Adam graciously offered to help us paint at the new house. His wife Tara had to work so I got to watch Caleb!!! Caleb and Kendall are 6 days a part and let me tell you they act like siblings!!!

Eating Lunch

DSC_0007 She is all girl! Love how she crosses her legs!DSC_0011 Oh just feeding Wilson…DSC_0012 Ok ya’ll what you’re about to witness is straight up time out behavior. I promise I do not hit Chris so I have no clue where she got this idea. I have my hands full!!!DSC_0016 Sweet Caleb liked pushing Kendall around in her car. They will be great friends!DSC_0019 We decided to enjoy the beautiful 60 degrees in January weather and see the house progress.DSC_0023 Master Bedroom paint!

DSC_0024 DSC_0025 My dad preparing the kitchen for tile :)DSC_0026

Walking the babes

DSC_0033 DSC_0042 This morning (Sunday) I took this picture of Kendall sitting in the middle of the couch. It’s her favorite place to sit in our temporary home. It must be the best viewing spot for Mickey Mouse.DSC_0046

Soon after this we got all dressed up to go to church at my grandparents church. Kendall fell asleep on the way there but I woke her up to take her in. She did so good during praise and worship. She sat in my lap and let me hold her and was acting so good. I figured she was still really sleepy and enjoying herself. Then she spewed all over her dress and me. :(

Bless her heart! And the closest thing to wipe her up with was her jacket. I quickly ran out of the sanctuary with her and went downstairs to the restroom. Thank goodness my mom (Chris is painting our house and didn’t go) was there with us because she followed me after and brought the diaper bag.

I got Kendall cleaned up, changed her outfit and got her a glass of water. She was shivering and looked so pale. I had my mom grab my fleece jacket out of the car so I could wrap her up in it.

We are home now and she seems to be a little better. I’m starting to think she has a little stomach bug since she has no interest in eating and just doesn’t feel good. I hope my baby girl feels better soon!


  1. What fun playdates and I LOVE the new wall color!

  2. Oh No! I sure hope she gets feeling better and it was a quick bug! I love the color of your bedroom! Perfect and I am sure you will have so much fun decorating in that room!!

  3. I love how Caleb is looking at the camera like, "you're getting this, right?" haha