Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tornado Tuesday!

I had this whole post typed up about how horrible our week and weekend has been. We are still living in my parents house and EVERYONE has had some form of the stomach bug. Need I say more?

Moving on…

Someone loves her winter gloves and hat!

(and mommy’s coca cola water glass – haha!)


Tile has been laid in our kitchen and bathrooms. Hopefully all will be grouted tonight! Moving might happen this weekend… fingers crossed. :)kitchen

I’ve been creating a mental wish list of things I want for my new home decor. I love me some zebra print and I saw this chair and I must have it for our home office.


I really want to hang something like this in our dining area. light 

Random and because I’m crazy I was up at 3 am last night browsing through my old facebook photos for hair inspiration. I miss my blonde curls. I swear my curls have changed since I had a baby. Or I have the wrong haircut? Wrong styling products? Anyways this is what I’m working towards.curls

That’s all I got! Stay tuned for a giveaway this week!

*** It’s tornado Tuesday because sirens have been going off all morning!***


  1. Ugh...can you believe Tornados in January so crazy. I am so sorry ya'll have had the bug..YUCK! Hope everyone gets to feeling better...I love the zebra chair and my fingers are crossed that you get to move in soon! Guess what after 5 years of being our house the shell sink is on it's way out VERY very soon!! Haha thought you might want to know that:)

  2. I love Miss K, your KITCHEN, your design ideas and your hair-inspiration! Great taste my friend. :)