Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wee bit of Wednesday!


  • Kendall Update: Stomach bugs BLOW! Literally. I don’t know if I can take another dirty diaper. I think she is on the upswing of things and I’m so happy. She was pitiful the last few days laying around! I want my busy, happy toddler back!!
  • My cousin Sarah is hosting a THIRTY ONE Giveaway!!! Head over to her blog and sign up! :) Or don’t so I can win! Ha!
  • Speaking of giveaways… stay tuned to my blog this week because I will be hosting a very BEAUTY filled giveaway! I’m so excited to be working with this small business!
  • We  have CARPET and APPLIANCES at our new house. Now all we need are tile floors, the living room painted and a few more little things and we can MOVE IN!
  • I spent a majority of my day today working on our household notebook. I’d like to do a blog about this in the near future too.
  • I need to shower, put make up on and get dressed. I love lazy days at home in my mom’s basement.


  1. I hope K starts feeling better soon! sick babies are no fun :( YAY for getting ready to move in!! That is AWESOME! what is a home notebook?

  2. Boo on stomach bugs - poor baby! You have made such big progress in such a little time! Can't wait to see you move in, and please share your home notebook!!

  3. Awe I hope that Kendall gets to feeling better and that bug is just about gone. I also would love to see your notebook!!