Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY No Sew Fabric Bow Holder Tutorial

Kendall’s bow collection is a mess these days! My current bow holder is too small and most of her bows are still in plastic bags from our move.


I have the perfect bow holder pictured in my crazy brain and have been unable to find it anywhere. So I decided to whip one up with materials I already had. Resourceful, eh?

So here is my little tutorial.

Items needs for this project….

1 piece of thick poster board, canvas, cork board… whatever you’d like to use and whatever size you desire

1 piece of fabric to cover board

something to measure

Lots of ribbon – I used two different kinds

1 glue gun

and a toddler and furry cockapoo ;) … to keep you company of course

and BOWS… lots of BOWS

I used this thick cardboard left over from Kendall’s 12 month photo display at her birthday party. Don’t you love those little feet that found their way on the board?DSC_0253

I was going to mix all three fabrics together but decided to keep it simple.DSC_0255

Trim your fabric to a length/width where it will wrap to the back of your board on all sides.


Do the same with your ribbon. I gave myself 2 inches extra length for the ribbon.DSC_0257

Lay the board backwards on the fabric so you can hot glue.DSC_0258

Like so.


This is when the measuring comes in unless you have a good eye. I just wanted my ribbon to be equally far apart.


Hot glue the ribbon on the back of your board.


I didn’t have as much black ribbon left to hang the holder as I would’ve liked. You could mount this board several ways depending on what type of board you use.

Here is my finished bow holder! Ta-da!DSC_0263

Close up.


Clip bows on the ribbon and you’re done! It’s like BOW art now. Love.



  1. That turned out awesome!! :) We have a zillion bows, i swear. I need to do something like this for them. Right now they're in one of those plastic drawers in my daughters closet. But I have to like dig through them to find one. This idea is MUCH cuter! I'm going to try it! Thanks! :)

  2. Turned out so stinkin cute! Great job and my Kendall has a million bows as well!! It's never ending and I find them all over the house haha!! And we have bow holders...oh my lol!!

  3. LOVE THIS!!! sorry behind on blog reading!!

  4. Shelli, this turned out AWESOME!! I love it!