Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY “repurposed” Kitchen sink Window Curtains

I have this ideal fabric picked out for kitchen curtains in my head that I can’t seem to find anywhere. It kind of looks like this…

Kendall and I walked through Hancock’s today in search of my dream kitchen fabric but left empty handed. And can I just say fabric is outrageously priced? Seriously? $9.99 for a yard of fabric. This is why repurposing table cloths, shower curtains and bed sheets into curtains is SO much cheaper.

To hold me over until I find this fabric I decided to whip up some more curtains. I have a set of plain white curtains hanging up in our office I almost cut in half today. That window is small and doesn’t need 2 84” panels so I was going to hem the other half and hang it up in the kitchen.

Then I remembered I had a white waffle knit shower curtain! This works so much better than cotton fabric because it’s thicker and has texture to it.

Here’s how it went down:

Kitchen window BEFORE

I love all the light in the kitchen during the day but at 5pm you get blinded by sunlight and I think it’s creepy that people might see me at night.

DSC_0125 I had to cutthe shower curtain holes a little bigger to fit my tension rod. I didn’t sew the edges to reinforce them so that may need to be done in the future.

DSC_0126 I cut the length to 34 inches and hemmed the bottom an inch up.DSC_0127 I hung the curtains up and realized I failed to make 2 panels. FAIL.DSC_0128 No biggie. I cut them curtain in half and hemmed the sides. Voila. DSC_0130

There you have it! My FREE shower curtain turned kitchen curtains. :)


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  1. What a perfect temporary project!!! All of these easy home improvement projects you are doing have me inspired!