Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Hunger Games

I’m not even going to lie for my absence in blogging the last few days. I’m emotionally drained and have nappy hair. Ha!

I spent my entire weekend reading and finishing the Hunger Games Trilogy. These books are no joke. I seriously could not stop reading. image

I had no desire to start the series and even forced my way through the first 50 or so pages of the first book and then I was HOOKED. Like can’t get off the couch, eat or do anything else but READ hooked. I have ignored my husband, daughter, appearance and household responsibilities.

This is why I don’t read often! I get OBSESSED. I will probably think about these books and characters for a few weeks. 

I need to go shower now. Ha! And if you’ve read these books please leave a comment so we can discuss!!!


  1. I had the exact same experience!! It took awhile to get into but then I could not stop reading!!! Did you finish all three? The first was my favorite. Love Katniss but favor Gale over Peeta. Did you know the actors forK and P are from Kentucky?

  2. I am sorry I can't say I read them. My obsession with books revolves around Janet Evanovich's numbers books and James Pattersons Women Murder Club books!! Wish I could say I was with ya on this one girl but I am not! Haha

  3. Loved it! I was a Gale fan although Peeta grew on me by the end. I am not a fan of who they cast to play peeta. Just wasn't what I pictured. I LOVE when I find a book I can't put down! I wish every book was that way.

  4. I was exactly the same way. Read all 3 books in about 3.5 days. I was sucked in. Man, they were SO good. I cannot wait for the movie to come out. I'm definitely Team Peeta. My favorite was the 1st book, I loved the 2nd book too, and liked the 3rd one. I loved Finnick, so the last book was a little depressing for me and the end I think could have been a little better.. but overall, I loved it.