Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Toddler Reading Group

I have always wondered what kind of free children's activities our local library offered for the community. Over the weekend I looked on their website and was surprised to find that they offer a Toddler Reading group on Wednesday mornings.

I had no clue what this group would consist of but I looked forward to taking Kendall all week. All morning I kept telling her we were going to reading group! I even dressed her up a little! :)

photo photo(3)

Of course, in true Shelli fashion I only took a few pictures. I only had my phone and she sat in  my lap most of the time. I sat down on the colorful rug with her so she could feel a part of the group. Kendall was one of the youngest toddlers there and there were a few 4 or 5 year olds.

When we walked in they had nametags for each Child to fill out and attach a string of yarn to and make a necklace.


Today’s class was about COLORS. The lady who led the class (with the kids) sang a welcome song, read books and sang more songs. Then we had a special color activity. Kendall made a caterpillar!


Kendall was also in for a special treat because they forgot to hand out Valentine’s treats last week so she got one today! It was teddy grahams in a heart bag. So sweet!

Days like today make me long to be a stay at home mom. It was such a special time and I look forward to going back for more reading fun.


  1. Yes being a stay at home mom would be so fun! Sounds like ya'll had a great time:)

  2. I love reading children's books so as soon as possible I'm taking Jack! Currently reading a book about the importance of reading aloud and how important it is to life long learning. Keep her interested in books!!

  3. Awe! Sounds like she had a great time. What a neat thing for the library to do. :)