Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine’s Weekend

Happy Friday! I’m really excited about the weekend. I’m not sure if Chris and I will celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend or not but I plan on baking a heart shaped red velvet cake so that’s cause for excitement, right?

Everyone in the blog world has been posting their love stories and I thought I would too. Instead of telling you about how Chris and I met, I thought it would be fun today to look at our Valentine’s over the past 6 years. :)



This picture is courtesy of Liz Jones fb album from when we went to Chicago for Spring Break and maxed out our credit cards on Michigan Ave. Ha!

I was a single girl! Little did I know I was weeks away from meeting my future husband. I was kind of sad in the love department. I had dated (and dumped :( I was so bad) 2 different sweet guys in the past 6 months because there were no sparks flying for me.


Our first Valentine’s Day. We had almost reached the year mark and we were pretty happy and in LOVE! I also got my first sparkles from Chris!




We were in the middle of our engagement during this Valentine’s day! 4 short months before our wedding!

(Chris would kill me if he saw this picture of him – I’m just testing to see if he reads my blog)

March  & New Houses 009March  & New Houses 011


Our first Married Valentine’s Day! I always take pictures of my flowers! Ha!

March-April 2009 045

FebMarch09 024


This Valentine’s Day is so special to me and not because we celebrated at White Castle. However, White Castle is so much fun on Valentine’s Day! Anyways we had been trying to get pregnant for 4-5 months and I took a pregnancy test on Valentine’s Day morning and it was NEGATIVE. I cried to Chris and he told me if all he ever has are me and Wilson he will be happy. :) Little did I know I test too EARLY because 3 days letter I had a POSITIVE pregnancy test. Yay!

Shelli Iphone Photos 030 Shelli Iphone Photos 031 Shelli Iphone Photos 032 Shelli Iphone Photos 033

Feb & March 2010 006


Clearly you can tell why this Valentine’s was so great!

February 2011 065  February 2011 072 February 2011 074 



I can’t to update this years V day!  And clearly I need more pictures of Chris and I together. Fail!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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