Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY No Sew Lace Trimmed Easter Basket

Hey there! I wanted to share this cute little Easter basket I whipped up for Kendall during an episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

Here it is… it’s not perfect but I love it because it was FREE!!


Lately I have been finding really creative and crafty uses for things I already own. I made curtains for Kendall’s playroom out of a table cloth here,  I made kitchen curtains out of a shower curtain here and a bow holder for Kendall’s room out of a poster board here.

I have been looking for an Easter basket for Kendall that was lined with fabric and under $20 bucks… apparently those don’t exist. Plus it’s hard for me to spend $20 on something that holds goodies when I’d rather spend that money on the goodies.

So I grabbed a little basket I bought clearance at Wal-mart forever ago and grabbed this skirt from the Minnie Mouse costume I wore at Kendall’s first birthday party.

This one I will never wear again… haha

October 2011 373 

These items along with Kendall, scissors and a hot glue gun are all you need!DSC_0358 

I chose this little skirt because I loved the eyelet trimmed lace on the ends. DSC_0360

First I cut off the tag and elastic waist band.DSC_0361

Then I cut enough to cover half the inside and lace to both handles.DSC_0362

And I hot glued it to top top of the basket so the lace hung over perfectly.DSC_0363

This is where things went downhill. I wasn’t really sure how to make the liner look nice.


I cut off the extra and folded and hot glued until it was flat to the basket.DSC_0365

I ended up gluing another piece of material so it wouldn’t look terrible. It still looks terrible but who cares… the liner is not the focal point, right?DSC_0366

I tied the left over lace at the handles and VOILA!

Kendall has an Easter basket!



  1. Very sure have been crafty here lately! I need it to rub off on my because I have got to get going on a Minnie Party!! Have a great weekend!

  2. This is adorable!! You are so crafty!