Friday, March 2, 2012

In the Event of an Emergency…

If you live anywhere near me today you are probably a little concerned about the weather. If you do not please look at this picture. I live in Louisville. All of the red area is considered a “(particularly dangerous situation) TORNADO WATCH until 9pm”. OMG.


So… being home early today and while Kendall is napping I decided to make an Emergency Kit. I do not have a basement but my parents across the street do. I wanted to have a bag packed ready to go so all we would need to do is grab it and run across the street if the tornado sirens start going crazy.

I could pack suitcases and boxes of items that mean a lot to me but when you really start thinking about what’s important materialistic things don’t matter. Most things can be replaced. Kendall, Chris and Wilson are the only safety I’m concerned about.

However, since I am taking this very serious, there are a few things I would like to have in case my house blows away. Hence… my emergency kit.




Hand Sanitizer


Travel size mouth wash

medications we are taking

Travel size first aid kit

wallets and keys

fully charged cell phone (I have left it on the charger all day)

change of clothes and sweater for Kendall

Chris’s KTIP Binder (this is a very important first year teacher thing)

Our camera bag w/ external hard drive (this seems shallow but if there is damage to my house I want to take pictures plus I have pictures of everything in our home on the hard drive if I needed to make an insurance claim)

Picture of important pass word list (most of our insurance/bank/financial things are online or a phone call away)

Tennis shoes/ sweatshirt/change of underwear for everyone

weather radio




Everything ready to go…


This may seem really silly and my husband will probably laugh about it when he gets home but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. I keep thinking about the horrible tornados last spring in Tuscaloosa, AL & Joplin, Missouri and how so many people lost so much. Even if I’m just stuck in my parents’ basement while there is bad weather for a few hours I will be glad I have these items.

Hopefully the storms are not bad and I will disassemble my kit tonight but It was not a huge ordeal to put it together and I will do it again if the public is warned in advance about bad weather like today.

Also… this makes me want to have a permanent emergency kit available at all times. It’s smart to be prepared!

Stay safe everyone!!! Please pray for our area tonight!


  1. That's a great idea. I keep saying we need something like this. I'd be happy to have batteries in the flashlights.

  2. Love this devastating for all those around us...glad we were safe...and can you believe the nonsense of up to 2 inches of snow tomorrow...what is wrong with Mother Nature??